Welcome Home Foster Family Agency 
Our children... Our commitment... Our legacy

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Board of Directors for Welcome Home FFA, Inc:


David N. Harris             Christie C. Case              Roy Westfall 
Chairman of the Board              Director                                              Director

Anne Bender           Michelle Piner

Director                                         Director


Staff for Welcome Home FFA, Inc

David N. Harris, CEO

Christie C. Case, LCSW, Administrator

Steve Andrews, Family Development Manager

Lisa Ford, Office Manager

Chris Franco, Case Manager

Bob Morillas, Case Manager

Denise St. Clair, Case Manager

Mary Frazer, Case Manager

Tana Kinder, Case Manager

Michelle Donahue, Case Manager

Wakita Wilson, Case Manager

Maureen Paine, Case Manager

Matthew Lacayo, Case Manager

Tracy Brown, Case Manager

Paul Johnston, Case Manager

Yvonne Tucker, Case Manager

Lisa Emde, Case Manager

Darla Lyons, Case Manager

Stephanie Iott, Case Manager














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