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Become a Foster Parent

 Welcome Home FFA is fully cognizant of the tremendous significance and importance of selecting and certifying perspective foster parent(s). The orientation and certification process for perspective foster parents includes the following:




1)      A one-on-one interview


2)      Meeting the perspective foster parent in their home.  Provide general information concerning foster care and detailed information about Welcome Home FFA



3)      The items discussed during the orientation included:


A.    You must be 21 years of age or older.


B.     You can be single, married, or partnered.


C.     You must have a sufficient income (this can include income from social security or other forms of assistance).



D.    You must have a background check clearance (Department of Justice, Child Abuse Index, and FBI).


E.     You must have a residence with a bedroom for a child (two children per bedroom, a foster child can share a room with your child).



F.      Your home must meet CCL foster home safety requirements.


G.    You must have a Health Report and TB clearance, and you must become First Aid and CPR certified.



H.    You must complete the Welcome Home FFA Foster Pride Training Course.


I.       All other Adults residing in your home must have the following on file with the agency.


a.)    California ID or California Driver’s License

b.)    Background Clearances

c.)    Physician’s Health Report & TB clearances



4.)  Inspection of the home


5.)  Home Study

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