Welcome Home Foster Family Agency 
Our children... Our commitment... Our legacy

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About Us

Welcome Home Foster Family Agency is located in Sacramento County, California.  Welcome Home will endeavor to establish itself as the benchmark in the foster care industry.  The CEO, David N. Harris, and the Administrator, Christie C. Case, the founders of Welcome Home FFA, bring over forty-one years of combined foster care and clinical therapeutic experience to the agency.  

The primary goal of Welcome Home FFA, for  the foster children placed under our care, is to provide permanency either through reunification with a member of their birth family, preferably their birth parents, adoption, guardianship, or establishing lifelong connections for these children. Welcome Home FFA will be engaged in the recruiting, certifying, and training of perspective foster parents.  The agency will also provide professional support to certified parent(s) and find certified homes for the placement of foster children for temporary care and/or permanency.

Welcome Home FFA understands that the needs of children in foster care are so complex and perplexing that no one can do all of the care alone.  Therefore, Welcome Home FFA will work with a multi-disciplinary team. This team will endeavor to place the child’s needs above all else.  They will share common purposes, goals, objectives and values which are in the best interest of the child. The team will establish methods for preventing and resolving conflicts, and develop a method to assess and determine when their goals and objectives are accomplished. The team will also devise a method to develop new goals, or modify old ones, and develop new plans and methods as needed.






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